Our advisers have a keen eye for the appropriate financial structure for companies. The value in the right financial structure can be substantial. As an independent securities firm, Centra can analyse the needs and recommend the right solution for your company. Below are some examples of ways to finance companies.

Bond Issues

Bond issues are the classic form of debt financing for corporations and institutions and our advisers have extensive knowledge and experience in structuring bond issues based on our clients’ needs.

Strategic Investors

Centra is driven by your needs. When the situation is more complex, we might advise you to seek a tie up with a strategic investor. We find investors that have experience in the industry and can bring extra value to your company or project, such as access to the market or technical know-how along with the investment.

Share Issues

A share issue is often the best way to strengthen the financial position of a company and to prepare it for future growth. Be it through private placement or a public offering, Centra is well positioned to attract investors to your company through its strong network in Iceland and, for larger issues, throughout Europe.

Convertible bonds

Occasionally, the missing piece of a financial structure is the convertible bond. An investor lends the company funds through issuance of an interest bearing bond. The investor has the right to convert the bond into a predetermined amount of the company’s share capital at a predetermined time. Convertible bonds tend to offer a lower rate of return in exchange for the stock option that is built into the bond. 

Intermediation regarding financing

When your business is highly seasonal or your operation too small for a bond issue, our advisers will work with your company to secure a sensible arrangement with banks. We will find the right debt structure and then act as an intermediary between the company and financial institutions to secure their involvement in those loans.