our board of directors


stefan atli halldorsson

Stefan Atli was appointed to the Board of Directors as Chairman in 2016. He has extensive executive level experience in capital markets and investment management. Stefan Atli led the formation of the Icelandic Stock Exchange in 1996 and served as its first Chief Executive Officer. In 2000 he became CEO of Lifsverk pension fund, a post that he held until 2009.  Stefan Atli was appointed by FME, the financial services regulator, to chair the resolution committee of BYR savings bank on its collapse. He has served on the boards of several financial services firms since that time, as well as advising Icelandic pension funds on regulatory issues.

Stefan Atli holds an MBA degree from Tuck Business School. 


Gudbjorg Andrea Jonsdottir

Gudbjorg Andrea joined the Board in December 2011 and now serves as its Vice Chair. She has a PhD in Social Psychology from London School of Economics and Political Science. Gudbjorg Andrea has over 20 years of experience in research, first as a Specialist at the Social Science Research Institute, University of Iceland and later as the Director of Research at Capacent, a leading knowledge company in Iceland with wide range of business solutions to local and foreign businesses. 

Currently Gudbjorg Andrea is a Managing Director of the Social Science Research Institute at the University of Iceland and also a team leader of a collaborative project of several educational institutions sponsored by of NICe (Nordic Innovation Center), and InTerAct-Industry-Academia Interaction in the Marine Sector.

Gudbjorg Andrea´s professionalism and leadership skills bring great value to Centra.



Helga Valdis joined the Board in 2017, but had served as an alternate Director from 2012. She is born 1969 and holds a degree in Business Administration. Helga Valdis is the Director of Vör, a marine research center at Breidafjordur and SSU, an association of smaller fishing companies. Helga has extensive experience in retail and corporate banking and was director of a small independent savings bank, Sparisjodur Olafsvikur and later a branch director of a bigger savings bank, Sparisjodur Keflavikur.