The Team


Sig Hardarson - Managing Partner

Sig Hardarson has an MBA degree from London Business School and is a licensed securities broker. Before joining Centra, Sig was with the DuPont Company in Frankfurt and Geneva in finance, marketing, and general management. He has extensive Corporate Finance experience, including taking the lead role in high profile M&A assignments and complex financial restructuring cases.

Sig´s functional expertise is in M&A, valuations, financial restructuring, debt and equity funding and other financial advisory, corporate finance and investment banking work. His sector knowledge is in renewable energy, in particular in geothermal and solar energy, the local real estate market and regulated industries. Additionally, Sig has served as a party-appointed expert witness in international arbitration cases.

Phone: +354 450 1507 - Mobile: +354 892 6200


Hermann Baldursson - Partner

Hermann Baldursson has an MBA from Michigan State University and a B.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Iceland. Hermann plays a key role in financial modelling and business valuation practices, one of the strongest areas of our company´s expertise. His sector knowledge is in the energy sector: green and renewable energy, in particular in geothermal, solar & hydro and transmission infrastructure. Hermann also works the local real estate market. Prior to joining Centra, Hermann worked for Capacent, the largest consultancy firm in Iceland.

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Ingvar Gardarsson - Partner

Ingvar Gardarsson has a Cand. Oecon. degree in Business Administration from the University of Iceland and is a Certified Public Accountant. Ingvar´s role at Centra includes project management, valuations, financial analysis, financial reconstruction and assurance work. With in-depth knowledge of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Ingvar often serves as a Court Appointed Expert assessing high profile cases. 

Ingvar has a broad experience in finance, operations and corporate strategy. Ingvar was with Coopers & Lybrand for 8 years before going into the communications field, building up and running telecom operations in Iceland (Hallo/Vodafone) and Ireland (Magnet Networks) between 2000 and 2007. Before joining Centra, Ingvar worked on manufacturing start-ups in the food industry in the UK, Canada and Greenland.

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Karl has a Master’s degree in Management and Finance from London Business School and a Cand. Oecon degree in Buisness Administration from the University of Iceland.  He has an exceptional knowledge and experience in all fields of finance and investments from being a top level manager, board member and advisor for companies and investors.    

Karl was a Managing Director in Corporate Banking in Bunadarbanki Islands (later KB bank)  and set up and managedthe MP´s bank London branchfrom 2005 to 2007.  He established Quantum Consulting and since moving back to Iceland in 2007, Karl has focused on consultancy work for companies and investors as well as serving as an independent board member for companies in various sectors.

Phone: +354 450 1508 - Mobile: +354 896 2916



Kristján is a seasoned finance executive with more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance and banking.  Kristján was Director of Corporate Finance and later Branch Manager at Islandsbanki and was in charge of Private Banking at Kaupthing Bank until 2008. Kristjan originally joined Centra in 2009 as an senior advisor, before doing a stint as Sales Director at N1, a listed company that runs service stations and related retail activites. He came back to Centra in 2015.  Kristjan has a Cand. Oecon degree in Business Administration from the University of Iceland and is a licensed securities broker. 

At Centra, Kristjan's main focus will be fundraising of large projects for Icelandic and international companies, along with various advisory work for both business and private clients.

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